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Stainless Steels Characteristics and Applications

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

316 low carbon, adding MO elements, so his corrosion resistance and atmospheric corrosion resistance and high temperature strength performance is particularly good, can be used in harsh conditions, suitable for use in less than 900 degrees, without magnetism. Uses: equipment used in sea water, chemicals, dyes, paper making, acetic acid, fertilizer and other production equipment, food industry and coastal facilities, products that have special requirements against intergranular corrosion.

309S/310S these two kinds of material, the content of nickel and chromium is relatively high, while the content of Si increased, which has high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, which can withstand 980 309S following repeated heating, 310S temperature reaches 1200 degrees, continuous use temperature can be 1150 degrees, no magnetism. Uses: suitable for high temperature electric equipment, drying equipment and other key parts, furnace materials, aviation, petrochemical, power and so on.

The 200 series, similar to 304, is inexpensive and economical. Uses: food processing utensils, kitchen equipment, food processing equipment, filters, milk cans, durable consumer goods, washing machines, water heaters, steel furniture, building decoration, decoration. Fatigue resistance, 201 hardness, toughness is better than 304, or 304 of the fatigue resistance better.

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