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Steel coil slitting machine operation process requirements

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Apr 02, 2018

In the operation of the coil slitter, not only should pay attention to the operating procedures, but also take into account the technical requirements. First of all, the coil slitting machine must carry out the fixed-length slitting processing of the whole roll or the entire raw material. For example, in the process of slitting the steel roll, a fixed-length slitting control is often used.


In the operation of the steel coil slitting machine, the slitting control of the slit length includes two situations: one is static slitting, and the other is dynamic slitting. When the set length is reached, the machine stops accurately, and then the static cutting process. After the cutting operation is restarted, it belongs to static cutting. When the set length arrives, the cutting signal is sent out without stopping, and the equipment is dynamically slit and processed during the material movement, which is called dynamic slitting.


It should be noted that during the operation of the coil slitter, the requirements for slitting precision must also be met to ensure good consistency of the finished product length. In actual production, the cutting length of the equipment can be set continuously. If there is an error in the actual cutting length, calibration can also be performed by setting the parameters.


Of course, in order to meet these process requirements, before the operation of the steel coil slitting machine, the staff needs to be trained before the job, so as to reduce the probability of accidents. To know that in production and processing, whether it is human or mechanical operation, we are more concerned about its work efficiency, because good efficiency can not only increase productivity for the processing and manufacturing side, but also can save costs.


The same is true for coil slitter equipment. So, whether it is to purchase, operate, maintain or overhaul it needs to take this into consideration. The work efficiency of the slitter is mainly related to these factors: slitting speed, finished product rate, non-operating occupation time, and stability.



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