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Steel Slitting Machine

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

Steel slitting machine has a special purpose in plate processing so it is processing a irreplaceable important part, when the steel slitting machine during the operation, the temperature has a great influence on the processing effect. Therefore, we need to know the temperature of the equipment directly. To achieve this goal, a temperature control system is required to be incorporated in the design.

The temperature control system of the steel slitting machine is to measure the temperature of the measuring point directly by using the thermal resistance, and directly display the temperature value through the multi-channel digital instrument. It will have PLC parameter setting, as well as its remote monitoring and data storage and alarm processing, and many other functions. It will provide a powerful guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

The steel slitting machine only works when the temperature is kept within the normal range of requirements. If any temperature in the device reaches the upper limit, we should pay attention to it. The numerical control system of the steel plate shearing machine can directly generate corresponding alarm, so that the processing quality can be effectively affected or the equipment is damaged.

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