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Strip leveler related principles

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jan 29, 2018

The strip leveler is provided with an upper die and a lower die, in which the upper die is fixedly connected to the upper rod of the hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder body of the hydraulic cylinder is fixed on the support frame, the upper die and the lower die are pressed In the mold, there is an independent cooling water channel, and the outlet and inlet of the cooling water channel are respectively located on the upper mold or the lower mold. At least the first five rollers from the entrance to the strip leveler have the same radius / center-to-center ratio as conventional levelers.


The ratio of the radius / center-to-center distance of at least the last five rolls from the entrance to the strip leveler is then similar to that of the decurler, and it is advantageous that the center distance between the intermediate rollers of the leveler also increases Big. After rapid quenching and cooling at the same time, to avoid impurities on the tool or the blade billet erosion, this time is to ensure that the tool or the billet surface and hardness of the quality of the metallographic structure, to avoid contamination of cooling oil.


Speaking of strip leveler machine equipment specific configuration, which is based on customer requirements and the number of leveler rollers and heavy, in general, that is, there will be double 7,9,11,13 roller and general There are four heavy 11,13,15,17,19 roller, six heavy 17,19 roller.


Strip leveler machine configuration, the main will include the feeding car, uncoiler, pallet pressing device, six-level leveling host, then say, that is, there will be tracking and cutting system, Conveying the lifting table, in addition, this equipment that is, there will be double-layer pneumatic exhaust rack, hydraulic lift and its unloading trolley, hydraulic system and electrical control system.


This strip leveler production line of the hydraulic system is the main component of Taiwan's high-precision components will be used; strip leveler on the length of the tracking system will be used Germany Lenze full positioning servo system to control. Next, the electrical control system used on the strip leveler is imported PLC program controller and touch screen.



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