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Strip steel slitting machine blade selection considerations

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Under normal conditions, the use of strip steel slitting machine blades has the greatest impact on saving production time. In view of this, under normal conditions, high-quality wear-resistant products are the product of the most enterprise procurement, followed by accuracy Higher-size tools and more affordable products.


In addition, because of the difference in processing speeds of modern machine tools, tools with higher wear resistance and accuracy are often used for high-speed slitting equipment, while low-speed machine tools do not require such tools, and the use of high-efficiency tools has no way to achieve high efficiency. From this point of view, when it comes to the production of steel strip slitter blades, companies should choose the products that can achieve the best processing compliance.


Generally speaking, high-quality strip steel slitting machine round knife is suitable for large-volume slitting production. For small-batch processing, the quality can be used slightly later, which can reduce part of the data procurement cost and provide better economic benefits for the invention. Now, with the spread of CNC machining, the precision requirements of cutting tools have become higher and higher. CNC machining processes have more latent advantages, which can greatly reduce the workload and improve the processing compliance. In accordance with the current rate of domestic cuts, the processing precision of the strip slitter blades will double in the decade. As long as the products are continuously updated and the materials with better strength and toughness are used, a higher processing rate can be achieved. Better processing compliance and economic benefits.


Select the strip steel slitting machine blade should pay attention to pay attention to some matters before they can obtain a higher production obedience, this time will inevitably become the subject of the domestic slitting machine business most interesting.


Choosing the right strip steel slitting machine blade, fair selection and processing machine tool mating, without affecting the condition of processing obedience, after that it is necessary to pay attention to the need for the lowest cost and the highest operational life of the strip slitter The blade, which can save the cost of tools for enterprises to save a large amount of tools, will also help reduce production costs.


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