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Structural advantages and continuous setting of steel coil slitting machine

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jul 26, 2018

When the coil slitter is operated, its slitting length can be set continuously. If there is an error in the actual slitting length during operation, it is easy to calibrate by setting parameters. The steel coil slitter control is divided into static and dynamic slitting. It stops accurately when the set length arrives, then static slitting processing, restarts after slitting, and sends out when the set length arrives. The signal is cut and the slitting machine dynamically cuts the material during the movement of the material.

Structural advantages of steel coil slitting machine

1. The coil cutting machine is equipped with a spindle for processing paper tubes in the middle of the production. The front end of the spindle is fixed to the base by a set of bearings. In the middle of a group of bearings, pulleys are effectively installed. A compression cylinder is mounted at the position of the base, and a support rod bearing is mounted on the upper end of the support rod of the cylinder to support the main shaft.

2. The main shaft of the coil cutting machine will be installed in the upper end, and there will be many blades on the equipment, and to some extent, according to a certain gap, the main shaft support at the top of the paper tube slitter A support cylinder is mounted in the middle of the support frame.


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