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Structural Design Characteristics of Steel Slitter

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Dec 28, 2017

Steel Slitter is a commonly used steel coil cutting equipment, compared to those of the previous cutting equipment, it can be used not only programmable design, according to the nature of the coil automatically switch the mode of production lines, so as to achieve Improve production efficiency and reduce the frequency of equipment maintenance purposes,


And steel roll slitting machine can also use one-piece base and separate transmission structure, contribute to more effectively improve the rigidity of the mechanical structure, while reducing the cutting blade vibration amplitude, improve the cutting quality of the coil. Under normal circumstances, the coil Slitter is used in conjunction with the uncoiler and the winder, and these types of units expansion and contraction of the hydraulic cylinder with one piece design, low failure rate.


Not only that, the main shaft of the coil slitting machine is also equipped with a high efficiency disc tension brake combination, which is adjusted by the air pressure circuit and automatically makes an instantaneous tension braking action under certain conditions so as to prevent the steel coil from releasing accident. More specifically, it works automatically with production lines to increase productivity.


Coil cutting machine cutting knife shaft reference plane amplitude precision are less than 0.006mm, can better extend tool life and ensure product accuracy; combined with good flexibility, high coefficient of friction wool felt fabric as a straight Pressure tension damping structure to ensure the smooth operation of equipment production.


In the whole steel roll slitting machine, it separates and presses the body to adopt the fluid to be possible to debug the back pressure combination, in order to stabilize the pressure, increases automatically as the coil diameter increases, and always presses the steel coil effectively, not only can improve the finished product reeling The closeness, but also to ensure the quality of cutting.



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