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The characteristics and application scope of sheet metal slitting machine

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jul 19, 2018

In the process of making sheet metal cutting machine, it is mainly used to cut wide-width paper, mica tape or film into a plurality of narrow-width materials. To a certain extent, it is mainly used in papermaking machinery, wire and cable mica tape and Printing and packaging machinery. The main application of slitting machine is: non-woven fabric, mica tape, paper, insulating material and various film materials. It is especially suitable for narrow tape (non-woven fabric, paper, insulating material, mica tape, film, etc.). cut.

Sheet metal slitting machine features

1. Unwinding photoelectric correction, high precision; control mode is divided into two gears: manual gear and automatic gear.

2. There are two ways to wind up: surface take-up and center take-up.

3. The tension of the rewinding and unwinding is controlled by automatic tension; the control methods include tension feedback control and taper control.

4. The round knife cutting and air knife cutting of the sheet metal slitting machine are reliable and easy to adjust when making the cutting tool.

5. The sheet metal slitting machine mainly adopts the surface center winding, and the winding quality is even and stable.

6. With trimming device, the edge material is discharged by the fan.

7. Suitable for slitting of narrow strips (insulating materials, mica tapes, films, etc.) for various thin coils

The scope of the sheet metal slitting machine

1. Applicable substrate: mica tape, paper, insulation material and film slitting.

2. Applicable industries: related industries with various insulating materials, special electrical papers and films.

3. Applicable processes: sub-distribution, finished product inspection, finished product sub-volume, process cutting.


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