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The development and brief introduction on application of the steel coil slitting machine

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Nov 18, 2017

The type of the steel coil slitting machine is more and more abundant. At the same time, its classification method is also different. According to the way of work, it can mainly be divided into straight chisel slitting, extrusion slitting and round knife slitting.


At present, the way of extrusion cutting is not common. With the development of technology, the  steel coil slitting machine is gradually from single motor control to double motor, three motor development. In the future running process, the equipment will be faster and faster, and more stable and efficient.


When using the steel coil slitting machine, we also need to make the production according to the specific operational requirements. Before opening the equipment, pay attention to the inspection first, in particular checking if the oil level and pressure gauge of the main hydraulic drive system are correct and stable, and also pay attention to ensuring the air pressure is stable. Then the equipment can be started for production.


It should be noted that in the process of using the steel coil slitting machine, to achieve the desired production effect, then it is necessary to combine the actual needs to set the various control parameters. For example, according to the material type, thickness, length and width of the slitting arrangement, the slitting menu is set.


The staff should select the appropriate rolling length and width according to the production requirements. Finally, the appropriate rolling station should be selected for the steel coil slitting machine. Adjust the relevant parts, install the corresponding specifications of steel coil products, and carry out slitting operations.

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