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The development of slitting machines and the demand for Blade Industry

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jun 29, 2017

The cutting blade is a main branch of industrial circular knife, general selection of excellent steel manufacturing, product is circular disc, the outer circle side edge, generally 0.5~2mm, is a very broad use of industrial cutting tools, cutting machine blade in the set of points, also contains a circular the thicker the knife and the knife, the upper and lower cutting tool on the processing way, can cut a lot of metal and nonmetal materials, consumables industry is indispensable.


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Because the cutter blade is the main cutting tool of industrial processing, it is widely used, and its importance has attracted the attention of the company. Therefore, the cutting tool company needs continuous innovation. When developing new cutting tool materials, we need to choose the steel with excellent wear resistance and accuracy, which will provide guarantee for high-speed slitting processing.

Considering the convenience of machining cutting machine blade, cutting tool manufacturers tend to use more excellent steel, using mechanics, physics and chemistry knowledge design tool, taking into account the product quotation, skills and other factors, as well as the matching tool material and workpiece, the tool can be a knife at the end of high speed machining, and can the cutting tool has hard processing materials, more applicable for various processing industry.


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