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The function of leveling machine

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Sep 25, 2017

1. Improve the quality of metal sheet

Leveler is a kind of precise machine used to correct the defects of coil and sheet. These defects include longitudinal crimp, transverse warping, warping, edge bending, wave edge, roll fracture and center concave and convex. If we use the leveling machine, these defects can be well solved, so that the quality of the entire metal plate will be improved.

2. Remove the stress of the material

The leveling of plates by a leveling machine removes stress in the material, mainly because leveling techniques allow selective extension of the material. In order to obtain a consistent length of the fiber, the shorter portion of the sheet fiber is stretched at a rate below the material yield point.

Its implementation is to make the material in the leveling machine, with a small radius of curvature for the cycle of bending up and down, so that shorter material fiber elongated. When the plate moves toward the flat and the direction of the machine tool exit, the amplitude of the upper and lower bending decreases gradually to eliminate the material deformation caused by severe bending at the entrance of the machine tool leveling entrance.

3. Adapt to high strength materials

Since the application of high tensile strength materials is more and more in the metal sheet metal industry, the leveling of materials needs greater leveling pressure. In the course of school leveling, higher leveling pressure will influence the structure of machine tools and leveling roll. The equipment is very important for improving the leveling quality and the life of the machine tools.

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