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The importance of material selection in slitting machines

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jun 29, 2017

In the process of mechanical cutting, many times it is necessary to cut the material with higher hardness or to cut it for a long time. In this case, the abrasion of the mechanical blade is serious. So when we choose the slitting machine, we should pay attention to the material of its blade.
Generally speaking, the cutter blade in the above case will affect the cutting efficiency, which is now valued by the industry, will affect the quality of cutting an important factor. So, in order to reduce the wear of the blade, we can use the round hole design on the blade style boldly.
Round holes can be designed to reduce wear by reducing friction. In this case, we use the shearer not only to maintain the quality of circular blade cutting, but also to maintain the efficiency of long-term cutting.

3开平 .jpg

cut to length line

On the longitudinal shear blade material selection, we have to say about being an automatic repair capacity of major industries called super ability.
Among the blades used in slitting machines, one of the larger factors that affect the service life of an ordinary blade is the effect of the blade being repaired. Some round blades in the market now are also affected by maintenance, thus affecting their service life. Simply speaking, each maintenance will result in a decrease in the next maintenance time.
So how to solve it? Here, we'll have to mention the use of new materials for cutting blades. This new type of shear blade material is endowed with the ability to automatically repair. Ensure that each time it is repaired, it will not affect the maintenance period of our blades.

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slitting machine

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