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The main measures to effectively prevent the pollution of the hydraulic briquetting system

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Dec 07, 2017

In order to ensure that the hydraulic briquetting can operate normally and stably, effective measures must be taken in the process to prevent the contamination invasion. In general, to effectively prevent pollution, the most crucial point is to block the pollutants out of the hydraulic briquetting system. So how to achieve this goal?


In view of this problem, first of all we need to ensure that the container filled with hydraulic fluid of the hydraulic briquetting is clean. The correct practice is to store the oil drum in the proper position and to cover the lid and ensure that the oil drum cover is sealed well.

In addition, note that the accumulation of rainwater on the oil drum, before opening the oil drum,  the top of the oil drum should be carefully cleaned.


Not only that, the oil depot for hydraulic oil must be set in a clean place. At the same time, also to ensure that all appliances, such as oil drums, funnel, dishcloth and so on should keep clean, so as to avoid oil contamination. If need to scrub, should use the silk cloth to scrub, lest the fiber to dip in the hydraulic briquetting element above causes the channel blocking, finally causes the equipment breakdown. These measures are mainly to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid itself.


At the same time, attention should be paid to ensuring the cleanliness when the hydraulic fluid is injected into the hydraulic briquetting system. The clean fuel-servicing equipment should be used to avoid contamination. If necessary, check and replace the scraper seal and seal ring regularly. In addition, before using the oil, it is also necessary to carry out strict filtration to avoid the solid impurity damaging the system. Usually, the crude oil filter and fine oil filter should be equipped, and the oil filter must be cleaned regularly to ensure the accuracy.


Normally, after the hydraulic  briquetting system operating for a period of time, the staff also needs to combine the work frequency to formulate the cycle of the oil replacement. Remember that all the assembly and disassembly elements must be cleaned to prevent dirt from falling. If there is serious contamination of the oil liquid, it is important to identify the cause and clean it in time.



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