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The maintenance of the hydraulic lift table

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Dec 04, 2017

In the current production field, it often involves the transport of goods and other issues. When transporting various goods, the auxiliary tools for loading and unloading goods are often used. For example, when transporting goods, the diesel fork lift truck can be used, and in loading and unloading fixed goods, the hydraulic lift table and other equipment are usually used.


Therefore, when loading and unloading many fixed goods, the use of hydraulic lift table can bring us a lot of convenience. The equipment is mainly driven by electric energy, and hoisted by the hydraulic system. Therefore, in the actual operation, irregular operation should be avoided, so as not to affect the normal operation.


In addition to the normal operation, during the daily use, the staff also needs to adhere to the relevant maintenance. The main principle is putting prevention first, and the equipment should be corrected or remedied in time before the failure. This can effectively prolong the service life of the hydraulic lift table.


In the daily maintenance,  attention should be paid to the cleaning and inspection of the hydraulic lift table to ensure that the components are intact. During the week inspection, the main is to check the situation of the each connection on the lift table. At the same time, inspect the sealing part to avoid the leakage problem.


In the cleaning treatment, mainly clean the key components of the hydraulic lift table, such as lifting rack, scissor, line and oil cylinder, so as to avoid dust and sundries affecting the normal work. As for the replacement of hydraulic oil, it is recommended to be replaced every three months. If the frequency is low, the replacement cycle can be extended accordingly.


It should be noted that in the actual use of the hydraulic lift table, we must pay attention to the maintaining the balance of the goods, and keep the table rising at uniform speed as mush as possible. If the larger failure problem is found, the operation should be stopped immediately and be repaired by the professional staff as soon as possible.



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