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The performance characterization of the hydraulic steel coil slitting line

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Nov 30, 2017

The application range of the hydraulic steel coil slitting line is wide, and can be used to cut various kinds of scale plates. At present, the users mainly use the product to shear all kinds of cold-rolled steel plate, stainless steel plate and other materials, so that it becomes the required scale plate.


It should be noted that when using the hydraulic steel coil slitting line, attention should be paid to adjust the specific parameters according to the actual production requirements. And different specifications of the production line can be used to handle different specifications of the drum plate. For example the outside diameter of the drum plate application range is 900 to 1800 mm, and the applicable drum plate weight is less than 20, 000 kg.


On the whole, there are many different parts in the system. Because these components cooperate with each other, so the production task can be made successfully. The main components are: Hydraulic charging trolley, hydraulic internal expanding uncoiling machine,  plate shearing machine, conveyor operating platform, pneumatic discharge rack, unloading trolley, flitch plate, spading head, pressure arm, hydraulic system and electrical control system.


Analyzing from the actual application, the hydraulic system in the hydraulic steel coil slitting line is mainly equipped with more precise components. Electrical control uses the PLC program controller and touch screen for full line function control. Therefore, it has a higher level of automation, can ensure the quality of products. For users, the product line not only can effectively improve the quality of the product, but also improve work efficiency, while during the stable operation, also simplifies the operation process.


Normally, the once loading of the coiled material can automatically complete the subsequent production processes. Therefore, the use of the hydraulic steel coil slitting line can reduce the labor intensity of workers, with a high cost performance. At the same time, the hydraulic steel coil slitting line is also a high performance product which has many functions of machine, electricity and liquid.



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