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The speed and specificity of the high-speed cutting length line

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jul 14, 2018

High-speed cutting length line can meet the cutting precision, we can effectively rebound speed. To some extent, because its cutting platform is relatively short, it is difficult to use the eyes to judge whether it reaches the highest speed. We can use the cutting machine. The servo drive is equipped with a software simulation function to check if the motor's speed is at its highest. When testing the cutting speed, there is no need to cut the speed to increase the acceleration and deceleration. Each axis can be tested separately or simultaneously.

The high-speed cutting length line can be on the side of the cutting machine. In operation, the speciality of the processing book and processing cost can be considered. Generally, the high-education person is not required to dry, which requires the operation of the cutting machine to be simple and easy. Understand, not too complicated, otherwise it will cause the situation that the machine can't afford the machine. It is best to have the function of avoiding defects, because there are sometimes defective products in the domestic floor glass.

Do not equip the sensor of the high-speed cutting length line. The unnecessary switches and indications in the process of running are as small as possible, mainly because once a certain device on the machine fails, this will directly affect the use of the cutting machine. The component has a low probability of failure and low wiring, making it easy to find faults and replace parts. It is best to debug the status of each I/O signal on the screen. Maintenance costs are an important factor that must be considered when purchasing a machine.


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