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The Steel Plate in The Buffer Pool in The Slitting Machine is Out of Order

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

In the use of slitting machine, sometimes the buffer plate will sway about the phenomenon, which will directly lead to uneven material, for the production will have a great impact. Therefore, we should understand its causes and solve them accordingly.

When the slitting machine in the buffer pool, steel plate left and right sloshing phenomenon, because the steel plate into the vertical shear machine angle is not the same, so that there will be uneven material. At this time, we can add two sets of material separation ribs before increasing the roller, to prevent the phenomenon of sloshing, so that it can enter the level of our vertical shearing machine.

slitting machine

Slitting machine often stop, also cause uneven receiving. Because there is no tension between the slitting machine and the winder when stopping or starting, the sheet material is prone to deviation. To solve the above phenomenon of slitting machine, we should pay attention to parking as little as possible. In addition, that is, the material pressure head should always be pressed on the coil material, so that it will play a certain role in improving the quality of products will also be improved.

For the slitting machine, the distance between the separator spacer and the distance setting on the distributor spacer on the material dividing head will also lead to improper feeding. We should pay attention to the distance between the slitting spacer of the slitting machine and the distance between the material separator on the material distributing head.

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