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The summary of key points for safety operation of the sheet metal slitting machine

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Nov 25, 2017

The sheet metal slitting machine can bring great help to the users in the actual work. However, in the operation of the equipment, it is also necessary to comply with the corresponding procedures and requirements. Under normal circumstances, the sheet metal slitting machine can be operated and maintained only after professional training and through the examination.


At the same time, all staff involved in the use and management, inspection and maintenance of the sheet metal slitting machine should carefully read the instructions and notes on the use of the equipment in advance. As an operator, the staff has the responsibility to maintain the normal operation of the equipment. So when there are abnormal problems, it must timely report the relevant personnel.


The operator should also ensure that the equipment of the sheet metal slitting machine and the working environment are clean. There should be no sundries piling up. And the functions of the safety facilities on the machine can not be changed, dismantled or terminated without permission, or remove the operation part of the machine cover to make the operation part expose, so as to avoid accidental accidents.


Therefore, during the daily work, the staff also needs to do the relevant safety precautions in advance. Before opening the sheet metal slitting machine, be sure to check the equipment and protective cover before  turning on the equipment. Do not clean, repair, or find faults during the operation of the equipment.


During the operation of the sheet metal slitting machine, if there is any abnormal phenomenon, the staff on the site should press the emergency stop button first to stop the operation. Note that in the operation of the putting the roll clamping head, unloading device and thin film clamping should be particularly careful to prevent injury accidents.


In view of the structure, the sheet metal slitting machine mainly includes five parts, namely, unwinding device, slitting system, winding device, mechanical drive and electrical system. During the operation period, the specific slitting speed is mainly controlled by the operator.



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