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The use of steel plate leveling machine and this motor braking method

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: May 07, 2018

The use of steel plate leveling machine considerations:


The steel plate needs to be leveled with a steel plate leveler during processing. The main reason is that in the course of its processing, it will be affected by residual stress, mechanical cutting or thermal cutting, temperature changes, etc. Large-scale levelers It makes the plate have internal stress and flatness defects. In order to reduce the rework rate and scrap rate of this part of the product, leveling is a good method.


In the traditional process, the welding work without leveling material is very complicated. If some advanced technology is not used, welding time and welding safety will be at a disadvantage, which will increase the cost. You can also see the need for leveling work.


In order to meet the required flatness, other processes are also possible. However, if a precision leveling process is used, the raw materials will inevitably be more economical. With the use of continuous bending technology, the leveling efficiency will be greatly improved. The improvement of the profits of the entire company is very favorable.


Steel plate leveling machine motor braking method:


When the motor of the steel plate leveling machine begins to decelerate, the motor will also be in a regenerative braking state. The rigid board stored in the drive system can be converted into electrical energy and fed back to the DC side via the inverter in the inverter. At this point, the inverter is in a rectifying state, and the voltage of the filter capacitor in the intermediate circuit will increase due to the extraction of energy in this sector, resulting in a pumping voltage. When the voltage value is higher than the upper limit of about 690V, the brake unit circuit is turned on, the current flows through the braking resistor connected in parallel with the filter capacitor, the pumping voltage is then dropped, and the voltage is disconnected when the set lower limit value is at 680V.


After that, when it comes to the motor braking mode of the steel plate leveling machine, during the process when the motor enters the creep stage, when the frequency of the frequency converter is lower than the frequency of the DC braking action, the frequency converter will also start the DC braking result to the asynchronous The stator coils of the motor are injected with direct current, giving rise to dynamic braking results.


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