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use of Kaiping machines

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

Kaiping machine is a metal plate for uncoiling, leveling, shearing and a series of processing operations of machinery. On the market, the common Kaiping machine can be roughly divided into three kinds according to the processing capacity: cut to length line for thin sheet,cut to length line for medium plate, precision cut to length line, which can basically meet all kinds of processing requirements. So, what are the areas we need to pay attention to when we use the machines in Kaiping? The following is a brief account of all the considerations in our use:


steel coil slitting line

1.During the operation, no data is allowed to be measured. If data is needed, the measurement must be stopped.

2.The operation must be unified command, careful operation, operators strictly in accordance with the instructions of command personnel to operate.

3.Clean tails, must be pushed from the machine head scissors scissors machine before and after, can be cleaned, is prohibited from the scissors machine directly after cleaned by hand.

4.When lifting raw materials and finished products, special slings and special ropes must be used and 5.Raw materials entering the preparation zone, the operator is prohibited under pit operation.

6.Raw materials are strictly prohibited by lifting the steel plate when entering the equipment. Special tools must be used.

7.The work is completed, the handle back to zero, cut off the power supply.


Flat iron machine

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