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What is the hydraulic automatic decoiler?

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Nov 20, 2017

I do not know whether you have used the hydraulic automatic decoiler. The device can provide tension for the steel belt. Its main components include the rack, main shaft, collapsible drum, brake device and so on. First of all, the rack of the equipment is made of high quality material through a series of production, after annealing qualitative treatment,  it can remain non-deformation. In addition, there is no radial runout in use.


For the present, the common collapsible drum of the hydraulic automatic decoiler in the market mainly uses the slider type push-pull expansion drum form. Since it is equipped with a total mandrel, it is possible to ensure that the increasign and reducing concentricity of the drum. The equipment is mainly used for the leveling of metal plate, and is commonly used in the leveling line steel plate, uneven plate and other processing work.


The brake device of the hydraulic automatic decoiler is highlighted by the pneumatic disc brake assembly. And the user can adjust the brake force according to the actual needs in the use. For example, when you stop, you can brake when you drive, so you can not only ensure that the standby and boot state will not be loose, avoid scratching the surface when loosening the roll. In addition, the equipment can also be used to cooperate with decoiling, leveling, shearing production line and other sheet products production line. For example, it can be used in machinery, steel structure, vehicles, metal products and decoration industries.


So, what is the mandrel structure of the hydraulic automatic decoiler? The reel component of the device is usually added to the nominal diameter by an additional four sector plates. Moreover, the end of the reel shaft is connected with the rotary cylinder. Oil cylinder piston rod drives the end of the front end of the four - axis axis sliding, which can drive the sector plate radial shrinkage.


If you want to increase the stability of the reel, in design, you can set up a support arm device in the front end of the reel of the hydraulic automatic decoiler. Thus, when there is a steel coil on the reel, the support arm is driven through the oil cylinder, which will not cause any adverse effect on the steel coil.



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