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Analysis On Different Processing Ranges Of Different Kaiping Lines

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: May 24, 2017

Description of the range of the different Kaiping lines
Plate Kaiping Line is specialized in processing hot rolling coil equipment, general processing capacity of 3mm to 14mm thickness. The early plate Kaiping line can only open the maximum width of 1500mm hot rolled coil, with the introduction of wide hot rolling coil, in recent years, the processing center of the hot-rolled Kaiping line generally can open 2000mm wide hot rolled coil. Part of the hot-rolled Kaiping line also has cutting edge function.
The thin plate large kaiping line generally can process the 0 3mm thickness cold rolling coil. Early sheet Kaiping line generally can only process the maximum width of 1300mm cold rolling coil, but with the wide application of 1500mm cold rolling coil, 1500mm width Kaiping line quickly occupied the market. The processing ability of cold-rolled Kaiping line mainly embodies in the aspects of leveling, surface protection and stamping.
Precision micro-flat generally refers to the processing of the maximum width of 800mm below cold-rolled coil Kaiping line, processing thickness of 0.3. and the plate big boot, it mainly processing high requirements of cold-rolled coil, especially on the surface protection requirements, generally higher, its products are generally open sheet, widely used in stamping, precision reduction and so on. Kaiping equipment is the most basic steel coil processing equipment, so basically machining centers have, Kaiping is a very embodiment of equipment performance of a processing, so the difference in the performance of equipment will lead to the difference in processing quality, which in the processing of high demand products.
The difference and relation between Kaiping line and leveling machine
Kaiping line and leveling machine, it is somewhat similar, are able to play the role of leveling or leveling. Just, the Kaiping line also has the shearing function, the leveling machine is not.

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