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Development Direction Of Slitting Machine In China

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: May 24, 2017

In view of the market development trend of slitting machine in China at present, the development direction of Slitter can be analyzed from three angles:
I. Automatic control
At present, the automatic level of slitting machine in our country stays in the lower level, compared with the foreign developed countries, the domestic slitting machine manufacturers in the use of cutting machine depth to lag far behind them, especially in the control system and slitting machine structure and the lack of organic material on the combination of a broad-brush.
Second, manufacture precision
Manufacturing precision is a lack of manufacturing in China, in addition, the manufacturing process is also a disadvantage of China's slitter manufacturers. We know that the cutting machine manufacturing precision requirements, so some equipment need to use CNC machine tools to process parts, especially the need to popularize the use of machining centers, so that the production of cutting machine equipment processing accuracy can be fundamentally guaranteed.
III. Rationalization of structure
The rationalization of the structure design of the cutting machine is very important, so we should not blindly copy the foreign equipment or other peers, we should study the frame structure, from the point of view of cutting machine manufacturers, design a more reasonable slitter, research and design personalized slitting machine, so that the score cut different materials in the structure of more detailed, and gradually get rid of the enterprise Slitter Research and development design and production process of plagiarism phenomenon.

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