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Development Market Analysis Of Kaiping Machine In China

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: May 24, 2017

In the foreign target market investment to establish a mainframe production base to achieve localization of assembly and manufacturing. Clear industry strategic positioning, accelerate enterprise resource integration, cultivate world-class Chinese machinery industry enterprises, cultivate and support the Chinese machinery industry strong enterprises to develop into a world-class Chinese machinery industry enterprises are the major goals of China kaiping machine development. The traditional Kaiping machine has no absolute advantage in the market competition, its equipment already cannot satisfy most production demand. If the Kaiping machine wants further development, it must change some of the shortcomings in the current development.
In recent years, the economic crisis has caused a general decline in industry in various countries, and our government has taken corresponding measures to to stimulate domestic industrial recovery, including Kaiping machine and other industries are also actively looking for countermeasures, kaiping machine blade to the downturn industry as an opportunity for the development of the industry to look at, continue to make a fuss over the technical upgrading of products, relying on technology and technology to obtain market initiative.
In the market, a lot of Kaiping machines are using the old control system in the operation, this is far from the current rapid development of industry, we must change the Kaiping machine into the old face, the use of advanced control systems, such as advanced electrical sensors. Because the old Kaiping machine control system for the operation of the winding edge and the control of the material has a certain lag, will affect the processing and production of equipment, affecting the efficiency of processing.

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