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How To Adjust The Machining Accuracy Of Kaiping Machine

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: May 24, 2017

The side clearance of the Kaiping machine also decides the side quality of the shearing metal coil, the shearing zone and the tearing zone should be neat, and the surface is smooth, the general shearing area occupies 20% to 45% of the thickness of the metal coil, the thicker the metal coil, the larger the shearing area.
The machining precision of Kaiping machine tool is also an important factor affecting the shearing quality of metal coil, which is related to the efficient continuous shearing. If there is a gap between the knife axis and the hole in the knife, it will make the knife movement eccentric. If the eccentricity is too large, intermittent shearing occurs. But as technology progresses, now the metal strip kaiping machine overlap of the adjustment has been using digital automation, more accurate and convenient, such as in the industry's most representative brand-tripod, Ding Foundation after 18 years of focus on metal kaiping machine research and development and production, in the technology is quite mature. That they are famous in the industry.
The adjustment precision of the disc cutter side gap of the Kaiping machine is mainly achieved by the machining precision of the disc cutter, the compound rubber isolating ring and the steel isolation ring, which is simply the thickness, flatness, parallelism, surface finish and so on. In addition, the cumulative error of the cutter will also affect the precision of the disc cutter backlash adjustment. Therefore, the width precision of the shearing metal coil should be determined by the side clearance of the knife, which can not exceed twice times of the clearance of the knife.

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