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In The Sheet Metal Processing Kaiping Machine Became The Main Production Equipment

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: May 24, 2017

The rapid development of industry in the 21st century makes our country go ahead on the socialist road, and the industrial development of CNC machine tool industry is most rapid. As long as the industry and a number of retail production needs the support of CNC industry, especially in CNC Kaiping machine in other industries is widely used, let's look at the application of Kaiping machine in the sheet metal processing and play a role.
In sheet metal processing more often used mechanical equipment is kaiping machine, kaiping machine used in the stereotypes are mainly by the material and thickness of the school strip to determine, the thicker the words then Kaiping machine required structural rigidity will be better, the less the number of rollers, it will be greater, with the power will be greater, kaiping machine is generally to help cold hot-rolled plate leveling or will be a variety of River Kwai plate cut into chunks, operation is very convenient so involved in the field is very extensive, such as chemical industry, building materials industry , electronics industry and so on, especially for the automotive industry, metal structure factory or shipbuilding industry, kaiping Machine has become the industrial production of these indispensable mechanical equipment.

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