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Technical Requirements And Difficulty Analysis Of Trimming Cutter Plate For Slitting Machine

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: May 24, 2017

Longitudinal Shearing machine cutting edge cutter plate cutting part is not allowed to have decarburization layer and hardness is not enough, in order to improve the rust-proof performance, requirements in the knife plate inside the hole, the outer round surface by blackening treatment. In a complete longitudinal scissor Group, except for the longitudinal scissors plate, also includes a spacer, gaskets and other ancillary parts, the main purpose is to make the round blade can maintain a certain width, and the upper and lower cutter disc horizontal clearance adjustment, commonly used gasket thickness of 0.8.15mm, its hardness regardless of thickness specifications, are above 45HRC, to prevent scratches, durable.
For the longitudinal shearing machine cutting edge cutter plate of the outside round surface, heat treatment hardness 53, hardening layer depth is not less than 35mm. Also need to carry out ultrasonic flaw detection, according to the EZB N31-90 surface of the A-level acceptance, finishing after the magnetic particle inspection; for the welding milling cutter part of the hardness should be 40, the cutting part of the hardness should be 63.
This shows that the cutter plate of slitting machine is highly technical, material is very special, heat treatment is very difficult, the use of the existing "overall heating, local fast cooling" heat treatment process, often lead to the blade crack, deformation, residual stress and other defects, the nature of the defects of the longitudinal shear steel belt in the incision appearance of burrs and influence flatness.

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