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The Performance Advantage Of Leveling Machine

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: May 24, 2017

Leveling machine is a commonly used equipment in sheet metal processing, leveling machine is suitable for cold, hot plate, galvanized plate, aluminum plate, color coated plate, stainless steel plate, such as metal plate, so it seems that the school plane machine is very much reused, the school plane has what kind of performance advantages, we look at:
1. The structure and one-way device, can be quite accurate control of the lower round, long time use will not make the lower turn has the slightest setback, stability and accuracy is quite high.
2. Not because of the residual oil splashed when the stamping, and brake failure to produce the lower turn, the delivery of the phenomenon.
3. Not easy to produce high fever.
4. With Superhard alloy and roller, not easy to wear.
5. The action mode is the circular motion for the roller column, there is no biting phenomenon.
6. The friction force is small, the rotation torque required is relatively reduced, and the rotating mechanism is less easily damaged.
7. The reverse device is equipped with a speed of up to 30 m/min, generally 20 m/min, and 50% efficiency is increased by 8. Special structure, increase the service life.

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