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The Summary Of Basic Knowledge Of The High Speed Steel Coil Slitting Line

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Nov 14, 2017

In the process of the high speed steel coil slitting line, on the one hand, it must pay attention to controlling its speed. On the other hand, it needs to ensure that its working environment is good. Under normal circumstances, the high speed steel coil slitting line should be installed in a place where the temperature is appropriate, dry, well ventilated, light sufficient and convenient to operate.


In general, the intelligence of the high speed steel coil slitting line is mainly embodied in two aspects. First, the production process is becoming more and more intelligent. Second, the operation is more and more intelligent. In the production process, the production line is mainly used to the whole rolled steel for fixed length cutting and processing. In this process, the fixed length cutting control is used.


Another form of control is that when the cutting length of the high speed steel coil slitting line reaches the set length, it still remains in normal operation, cutting and processing dynamically during the material movement.


It should be noted that in the production process to judge the cutting quality of the high speed steel coil slitting line, the most important index is cutting accuracy.


The above is mainly to introduce some basic knowledge about the high speed steel coil slitting line. In practical work, the equipment has brought great help to our work, not only improve the work efficiency, but also greatly reduce the working strength.

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