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Hydraulic Automatic Sheet Metal Decoiler, Uncoiler Machine

You have special needs that can be designed for you. Partial description Slitting host Power parts: power seat, reducer, dc speed regulating motor, gear distribution box, coupling, clutch and universal joint. Host part: by frame, fixed arch, big slider, linear guide e....

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Hydraulic cantilever uncoiler(We also have other kinds of uncoiling machines):

*Cantilever device supports steel coil and uncoils, when coil weight is more than 6T, use assisting supporter for uncoiling.

*Adopts hydraulic inching to expand the inner hole of steel coil.

*Hydraulic controlling for uncoiling rubber roller up and down, so that can avoid coil loosing after unpacking.

*80N.M torque motor drives steel coil turning, it can positive and negative rotate, which is convenient for user to rewind the unfinished steel sheet.

*Mechanical structuresteel plate and profile steel welded structure

*Uncoil device adopts hydraulic swing arm to avoid loose of steel coil.


The main model you may select of the slitting line:

You have special needs that can be designed for you. Please contact us for more details.


 If you need detailed parameters of the machine, please tell me the specifications of the sheet you need to process, I will provide you with the data, to give you the technical solutions you need.

Such as:
1,coil .I.D (mm)
2,coil .O.D (mm)
3,MAX coil weight (Ton)
4,main material
5,max coil thickness (mm)
6,max coil width (mm)
7,voltage/ HZ
and so on

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Welcome to buy our hydraulic automatic sheet metal decoiler, uncoiler machine. As one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers in this field, we also offer the customized service with low price. Please be free to enjoy our quality products made in China. For quotation, welcome to contact our factory.

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